Local products from Val D'Orcia

Here is an update of some Tuscany Home & Living tempting Tuscan vintage items and our own farm products, including our very special olive oil handcream. It is, of course, only a tiny taster of the things that we use every day in Tuscany at home and in furnishing our holiday homes and in welcoming guests to our beautiful part of the world: Montalcino in the Val d’Orcia. Please email or call with all your questions....and to buy; you cannot buy on line yet.

Vintage Items

with a lifetime of history and character

Tuscan Vintage Plate rack

Save on drying up, put plates directly into this over the sink!

80 cms high x80 wide x 28 deep


not including delivery

Small white painted Vintage Tuscan Plate/Drying up rack

Used throughout bthe years by Tuscan housewives. Wash up, put plates in and leave to drip dry!

60 cm high x 55cm wide x 25.5 deep.


not including delivery

Tuscan Book holder with drawer

Beautiful patina.


not including delivery
This item is now SOLD. We are looking for another but they are quite hard to find!

Tuscan Vintage wood Pantry Cupboard

A shelved Vintage Tuscan Cupboard, painted in whte 117 cm high x 62 cm wide x 29 wide.


not including delivery

Vintage Interior glazed cooking dish

Used over a wood fire, a vernacular cooking dish with four handles, approx 44 cms.


not including delivery

Medium sized terracotta Tuscan dish

Used over a wood fire, a circular vintage dish.


not including delivery

Attractive Vintage Tuscan shallow dish

Well used Tuscan dish for a wood fire, one handle missing.


not including delivery

Tuscan Vintage Chopping Board

Wonderful, well used wooden board, probably chestnut, with evidence of the Tuscan use of a ‘mezzaluna’ knife for chopping. An item as beautiful as it is useful. Heavy and good for another lifetime's chopping!


not including delivery



Vintage wooden Tuscan Grain Scoop

A scoop used for grain on the farm; very useful for home bakers....and lovely to look at too!


not including delivery


Hand thrown Tuscan wine/water jug -vintage

Local wide necked earthenware jug with old white slip glaze decorated with wavy blue line. Used on the table for wine or water. And still ideal for that today.


not including delivery

Tuscan Vintage Terracotta Water Jug

Vintage Water jug in classic Cortona spinach green glaze. From pre-tap days for collecting & storing water.


not including delivery

Antique Tuscan copper water jug

Predating domestic plumbing this was used in place of a tap in the kitchen, being filled from a bucket of well drawn water. This was the ‘upmarket’ version being copper; most jugs were earthenware. Beautiful patina.


not including delivery

Vintage Tuscan linens, some handloomed

A wonderful individual present (weddings, setting up home etc). We cannot put up the myriad of beautiful individual items that we have; please ask for further details or come along to a Fair and see!  Materials are linen, hemp or a few in cotton. Linen and hemp were actually grown at home here so have been processed from seed to finished sheet or pillowcase!  A more sustainable product does not exist. No nasty chemicals were used, it was a complete virtuous circle. Have a guilt free night’s sleep! And throw them in the washing machine; they are built to last. Our own beds and those of our interior decoration clients and holiday lets always have vintage linen.

Products from the Farm

Ribusuoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From my farm of the same name. This is from our small old mature olive grove, where deer, wild boar and porcupine roam and wild orchids and gladiolus byzantinus grow. The olive trees are local varieties; amongst which are Moraiolo, Leccino, Olivastra Seggianese, Frantoio and Pendolino. Each year is different but each year is delicious. Robust, peppery with hints of artichokes and hay....no NOT flavoured; only by the wonderful trees themselves. 2011 is fruity and mellow, 2012 is rich,robust and peppery....2013? Watch this space. Real extra virgin, single estate oil as it should be. People round here walk the hills into their 90’s: maybe not unconnected?
Various sizes available from £4.50 for 250ml - please contact us for details

Tuscan Farm Olive Oil Handcream

The best according to our many customers. Made in small (tiny!) batches with our older olive oil which still has all its lovely nourishing qualities but not so strong a scent. With added essential oils of rosemary, lavender and juniper, so redolent of the Tuscan macchia (shrubby hills). Enjoy the portable benefits of Tuscany every day.

£5.00 per 60ml tin

not including delivery


Chick-peas (Ceci)

Our local small tender tasty variety (as opposed to the large bullet like blotting paper variety too prevalent in the UK). A staple of the Tuscan kitchen as a contorno (one of the ‘and two veg’) and in soups. Brilliant in non Tuscan Houmous or falafel or as baked gnocchi. Takes to our olive oil like a duck to water.

£3.00 per 200g pack

not including delivery

Veg boxes spring summer and autumn.

Tuscany only!

Wine! From the farm in Tuscany only;
come and taste!

When we have organised ourselves better you can expect to be able to order these items on-line here. If you have already sampled any of our products at the Country Living or Chelsea Physic Garden Fairs get in touch for how to get more!
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